Frequency/Duty Cycle in APP_V2.43

I am happy to see that version the 2.43 app firmware now shows Frequency and Duty Cycle measurements: In the “Menu Group 2” menus, where the parameters available for each channel were previously Max, Min, Vpp, Vdc, and RMS, there are five new parameters:

(Press Navigator A to cycle through the colors as usual, choosing one of the 4 channels.)

FRQ = Frequency, shown as Hz, KC (kilocycles), or MC (megacycles).

DUT = duty cycle, in %

TH, TL, and CIR = ??? These show a time that appears to be the period of the signal (for example, all three show 1.000ms for a 1kHz signal). What are these showing?

Yes things are moving forward.

I was hoping though that they may have added the duty cycle into the signal generator.

This would have been very useful for PWM testing etc.

Still things are moving in the right direction and it is summertime and i have lots of other things to occupy me for a while but i am keeping my finger on the pulse and will continue to nag until we get a usable product.

Cheers Pete.