FreeBSD (and likely Linux) port of dso203_gcc

First of all thanks to everyone involved. This firmware is a big improvement.

Since I already had an arm-eabi toolchain under FreeBSD, I decided to stick to that. This branch has the necessary changes: … sd-compile

The only substantial change is the removal (commented) of the __SVC(void) function from cortexm3_macro.s. The assembler (arm-eabi-as version 2.21) complained that SVC would not be supported by the target CPU. The function isn’t used anywhere in the code.

Other than that it is just capitalization of paths and adding Makefiles and a README.FreeBSD.

Does anyone have the arm-none-eabi toolchain installed on Linux to give this a quick test? All the Makefiles are in gmake syntax, so I hope that this works 1:1 on Linux as well.


Hi Jan,
Your Makefile works fine on Linux as well, thanks. You must however include the trailing hyphen in the CROSS?=arm-none-eabi- line.
BTW your git tree includes Bin/APP_G251.hex which I guess should not be there.

Best regards,

Thank you. Fixed and pushed.

Well, that file is part of the upstream repository. I personally am not a big fan of having build targets in the repository at all. I merely tried to mimic the existing habit. Being new to the community, I just try to fit in.

Thanks again for testing this.