FPGA 2.61, Sys 1.52

Hi, where can I download source code (verilog/vhdl) of FPGA version 2.61 and source code (c/cpp/h) of sys 1.52. Thanks

I think you are going to struggle to find that.

There is stuff at github.com/Seeed-Studio/DSOQuad_SourceCode but it is old and incomplete.

An interesting thread to check out if you are interested in FPGA programming is

If you want to customise the app side I suggest looking at the community app where all the material is available and it is much better then the stock version anyway.

Ok, I’m using gabonator version of app, but I would like to implement some other triggering modes (hold-off and configurable pre-trigger) so I would like to know structure of actual orginal fpga codes and don’t want to start from scratch.