FPC connector

I was assembling the wide FPC cable onto the touch screen and when I attempted to lock it in the door separated from the connector, leaving me with no means to fix the cable to the board. Is there a work-around such as glue or? :open_mouth:

Is it broke or just popped out?
If it’s broken beyond repair, you still can glue the PFC cable. Push in, and apply just a realllllly little superglue to the top (the pins are on the bottom side)

The flap is broken in half but one of the tabs is in rough shape. I actually had the problem with two connectors. I will slide the cable in place and try to place the flap on top and glue it in place.

Previous comment should have read “not broken”. Anyway, I had a better look under a brighter light and realized the flap connects by attaching to the wires and locks with the small tabs at the ends, so I reconnected the tabs and fit the cable then put a spot of glue on the end to lock it. Fix works but extra flaps would be nice as they are fragile and break easily.