FPC clearance problem

I’m considering to use your PCB service.

But I have some problem with your Eagle DRC rules.
In my design, there is a FPC/FFC 0.5mm pitch connector. The connector has 45 pads and its distance between pads is more than the 6 mil.
(I think that its distance is almost 7~8mil.) But your design rule shows that clearance error between pads.
Is this really problem or error? Could you check my problem?

I attatched my library file. I used the device ‘WF-FPC 0.5mm SMT ZIF Horizontal Bottom Contact 45pin’.
Any help will be appreciated for me.

P.S. I also turn off stop mask layer.
myLibrary.lbr.zip (32.8 KB)

hi there,
i use our DRU check the package, but i don’t find any errors, please download the DRU check again.