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First floor

What I have been looking for in this forum is:

  • news on my product
  • [/list]
  • Infos - even if from other users having problems, and mainly other users helping
  • [/list]

    for a long time, neither of these 2 things came from Seeedstudio-people but from “us” or other lets say: users.

    In the beginning (before questions became precise and even had to do with the design of (in my case) the DSO Quad) - we all were hoping to find support from you (Seeedstudio)

    Now we see more help and ideas from these few users, who have took over the support --> ask them what they think, how the forum should be, and you will see, that it is good as it is, and can only become better if you share with the community, what you know on Design and Sourcecode.

    That will bring you new customers and new software for the/your products.

    I would not post more, just to gain points/credits - the quality of posts so far had to do with the knowledge of the product and how it could be improved - help those researching and you will see (even) more quality and quantity in this forum

    I’m glad and grateful for those comprehensions and suggestions that someone could share it with us.

    During the previous age, we had not enough energy to improve more better. But we just realized one day , something we need to change.

    As a maker , of course , everyone can be a maker , we like creating , making , sharing . But the most important is , the culture of OS. We want to build a community that everyone could join us, and then we would be surrounded by each other. ----When we are doing that continuously, the culture of OS will be born.

    We are doing now…we are looking forward to your participation.