Formatting SD card ver 1.5


I’ve got a version 1.5 here. Whilst I would like to upgrade as I’m encountering the issue of “file not exist” when trying to save a waveform, I also cannot upgrade.
Downloded Alf’s hex files, but there is a problem with the SD card.
If it would need to be formatted in fat16, so put in a card reader, chose format in windows and it formats it…
Then copy both hex files onto it and return it to the DSO. Nothing happens. It suggests upgrade to ver 2.0 when in update mode.
Now to USB mode: Windows wants to format the SD card again! Can’t access the card.
Can do it all over again but turning in circles.

Any idea what the fault could be?


hey boy , here i have two ways ,you can have a try

  1. Use SDFat libraries.

  2. Use SDFormatter (101 KB)