For minimum CR2032 consumption, should I have only 1 CR2032 (3v) to power the VIN and avoid the voltage regulation?


Sorry in advance if the question is stupid, I am a total newbie and I am learning - but very willing to learn.

I am working on minimizing the amps consumption of the device to make my little experiment last a bit longer from a CR 2032

Here is my dilemma :

  • I understand that using a single CR2032 sends 3V to VIN and therefore no regulation from 5V is needed, i.e. less consumption
  • On the other side, using two CR2032s on the top of each other would send 6V to VIN, and thus use regulation - I would have more milliamps in reserve from the second battery, BUT my experiment will be 3mm thicker due to the presence of the second battery and if the voltage regulation is milliamps-hungry then it is maybe not worth it and would cost twice as much to operate.

What is the best logic here ? How many milliamps does the voltage regulation “eats” ? Is it worth adding a second battery ?

Thank you

Hi, which regulator IC will you be using? The current capacity of CR2032 is 235 mAh Introduction to CR2032 - The Engineering Projects