Following wiki and can't receive new data from DHT20

I am following this wiki - Connecting to Microsoft Azure IoT Central - Seeed Wiki ( - at the end I can receive data from integrated in the Wio Terminal sensors and can’t receive from DHT20 -

I tried both ports - no one of them works. How to fix this? Everything what is in the wiki is created - thanks!

The example in the wiki is done using DHT11. If you need to use DHT20, you need to change the code in Grove_Temperature_And_Humidity_Sensor to DHT20, including the content in the wiki that involves DHT11.

Hi! I tried to change all DHT11 to DHT20 and it did not work. I changed it in main.cpp file - there is no more - and the result is same

#define DHTTYPE DHT20
Did it change here too?

Yes, I changed it here too - Also I tried to change it to DHT22 - does not work

So it seems that this routine is temporarily abnormal DHT20, I will consult the research if there is a compatible plan

Thanks a lot! I will try to connect another sensors