flow mesurement

Im am looking for a fairly cheap and easy way to messure waterflow, ie. from the tap or in the shower or the gardenhose.

Could be with a rotating device in tube giving a detectable signal each 10 milli liter.

So far I havent been able to spto anything but heavy industrial grade or simple flow/no flow by picking up vibrations with a piezo element. The last is not sufficient as the flowrate might vary. Any idea if it is out there at a reasonable price?


This really is a good question, I’m interested in same thing, though I could use a bit better resolution (pulse each 5ml)…

If you find out anythinhing, let me know.


We finally sourced some samples now, will be listed in a few days. Thank you!

The flow meter Seeed already carries can do this quite easy. I will post the arduino sketch for this tonight.

I wrote a tutorial on this viewtopic.php?f=4&t=989&p=3591#p3591

Waterflow Sensor is awesome! Is there anything available with a larger thready (2" or 3") with high flow rates (1000 litres per minute)?