Flex limit on Seeeduino film?

I have an application where I want to bend the seeed film around a radius of about 2cm or so. There seems to be a trace on the power frame section that breaks easily when this happens, disconnecting the power. Pushing gently on C14 will (temporarily) make it work again. Is there somewhere I can ‘blue wire’ to fix this?
Thanks in advance!

I’ve tried bridging VBAT to the 3.3v regulator, and v3.3 from the regulator board to the CPU board, to no avail. It may be a short also, will keep trying and try hitting it with a meter.

Okay, looks like the entire GND supply to the 3.3V regulator goes through a fairly narrow trace between C4 and C14, as seen in the blue box on the attached image. Looking closely, it looks like the trace leading into C4 is the one that broke. Holding a wire to the GND side of C4 fixed the problem, so I will solder a blue wire there.
Rob D

gnd plane.png