Flex Bus Extender?

I would really like to see a flex bus extender for your seeduino film and frames. I was envisioning just a couple inches of flex bus that would provide flexibility in the placement of frames. I looked through your site and couldn’t find one, it doesnt seem like they would be too hard to manufacture and they would allow putting frames such as the OLED somewhere besides immediately next to the seeduino.


If this helps…

I bought a BlueTooth and OLED frame at the same time, one of them (not sure which) - comes with a nice extension strip (film/cable). At first, I thought it was some sort of double sided sticky thing for mounting the frame. It’s about 6cm long by a bit over a cm in width - VERY HANDY!!!

This made life so much easier and while it’s an expensive way of getting one, it is the only means of extending film modules that I have found so far.


Please, please consider offering this little strips as an item on their own!!!



Hi all,
Thank you for your feedback. It’s under preparing now.