Flash WIO terminal

I am trying to update the WIO terminal using the flash tool but getting format error. Can I use a Raspberrypi to do the flash?

Thank you

Hi, ducktail,
I’m sorry that it took so long, because I was working on the research and development of the driver and didn’t reply to you until now. As my second language, I didn’t understand your meaning well. According to my understanding, if we want to update the terminal, we should follow the official update method of Raspberry PI

I am connect the WIO Terminal to the Raspberry pi. in order to use the WIFI or Bluetooth of the WIO Terminal I need to flash the firmware. I downloaded the Flash tool but encountered errors. My questions Is the Flash Tool can only be used on a x86 machine or can I use it on a ARM machine like the raspberry pi?

I think you can brush the system in eMMC, the specific operation record is: remove the lid, open the boot mode switch, select the corresponding usb driver according to the operating system, connect and burn with raspberry pi imager, the following command can also update the Raspberry PI operating system:

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo apt install raspberrypi-kernel-headers
sudo reboot