Flash firmware to Wio terminal

I am not able to flash the Edge impulse firmware. as soon as i copy the file to the Arduino folder the drive closes.

Are you trying to use the UF2 Bootloader to upload a .uf2 binary file via the file manager on your PC?

I had a problem with the uf2 Bootloader not working correctly which I have now resolved.

It looks like the WIO Terminal firmware on early devices has a problem that prevents the uf2 Bootloader working correctly.

I fixed it by loading up a project as a .ino file via the Arduino IDE.

After that I tested the uf2 Bootloader and it all worked fine.

It seems that something gets updated and the uf2 Bootloader now works.

One more thing:
I used the .ino file from this project:

This project offers both the .ino source and the uf2 options.

Using the .ino upload from other projects that did not also have the uf2 option did not fix the uf2 bootloader issue.