First Timer

Hello All

Firstly great job on the product.

I lept straight in and followed the instructions for the Eclipse IDE. I cannot get the MediaTek LinkIt Assist to install as a plug in no matter what I do. The directory is in the Eclipse install directory, but no plugin. I am using Windows 10, Eclipse Mars with SDK 2.0.46, is this a known problem or am I missing something?

The firmware update worked but then a restore of the original working Rephone only works partially, using RePhone_Create_Kit_VXP-master from github, the screen comes back but the touch element of the screen doesn’t work. Any ideas or tips?

As with a few others, the first thing I did was plug it into my Mac, so yes a Mac port would be good.

Solved the first one by installing Eclipse Juno, doesn’t work with the latest release, Eclipse Mars.

Well there you go, and the second one is solved by a clean refresh of the firmware after running the sample code, I notice that there was a mre text file of 0 bytes on the mounted drive the first time I did it, this time it was blank.

It also takes a bit of fiddling to get the firmware installer to recognise the device. I find I have to remove the battery connection to get everything to reset. Otherwise you just have a blank screen, no com ports and it keeps mounting as a drive.