first scope, probably silly question

a while back, i built built a project that made nice listenable sine waves by outputting a pwm signal at about 15KHz through a low pass filter. it works. i can tell it works, because i can hear a melody coming out of it even though all i’m doing is generating a string of pulses at a fixed frequency. i just can’t believe it works. wanted to see it.

got me a nano dso. sure enough, i hook it up ahead of the filter nothing but 15KHz jaggies, but i hook it up after the filter and nothing but smooth siney goodness. couldn’t be more impressed with myself, but i know there’s noise in there. i’m getting a little old and some days i can hear it and some days i can’t, but i’d like to be able to see it. trouble is that when i scale the voltage per division my signal wanders off the top of the display.

any way i can move that axis?


and thanks for a really sweet toy, er, tool.

I think this can be adjusted by adjusting the [Y.POS] of the SS edition firmware

you can move that axis by use the [Y.POS]

yeah, found that, but i can’t seem to move the origin(?) below the bottom of the screen.

mobile distance is depend on your div , the mobile voltage is limited

ok, thanks.

with .2v/div and the y pos pegged at the bottom of the display most of my waveform is off the top, but i can see the noise.

guess i need to read up on what these things do so i can better understand the controls.

Even better: You could manually add the missing AC coupling, by simply putting a Capacitor in series to the Probe. That eliminates the DC offset thus your meassured signal is around the zero Line. -wiebel

Aren’t the best tools actually toys, or is it vice versa?