First Issue with Quad

This is my first oscilloscope, and my first Quad. Everything has gone smoothly since I got it despite not calibrating and having limited knowledge on o-scopes.

The issue I am having is with the horizonal sensitivity. I had only been in the <4KHz range and using 1mS-50uS. I have just started playing with the >100Khz range and the frequency counter is not showing the correct frequency when using lower HS values. Infact, the frequency is changing everytime I change the HS. It seems to work somewhat with a HS of 200uS, but it not accurate nor is the wave viewable for obvious reasons. With a HS of below 20uS the frequency given is in the 500-700Hz range despite the signal being in the ~24KHz range.

I have looked around the forum and couldn’t find the bug listed as I have seen it but I’m betting it is known. Please let me know if there is a work around for this or if it is being worked on.

I will reply with more of my testing information if the bug is not something thats happening in all units.

Thank you,

Dalton Swan

I’m seeing the same syptoms - currently on App v 2.50, and Sys 1.50. Didn’t notice this problem with the previous version of App and Sys.

Also, when looking at a steady square wave, 3.1 v, 5Hz, and I adjust the horizontal sensitivity, say from 50ms to 100ms, the display takes a long time to change - several seconds to upto 30 seconds. During this delay, the FRQ readout is incorrect, but changing towards the correct value. When it gets close to the correct value, the display updates. I did see the delay in update with the previous versions of App and Sys.

Similarly if I change the vertical sensitivity from 1 to 2 Volts, Vpp alters, and then stabilizes over time to the correct value, and then the display updates to show the correct scale.

Regards, Andy