firmware upgrade -SeeedStudio TOL102C3B Atmel AVRISP STK500


I did a search on the forums but couldn’t find any information. I am trying to get a firmware upgrade to the item bought from

I looked all last night but couldn’t find information. On the website, it claims to support Atmega2560 but I can’t get it to be recognized within Atmel Studio 6.1

Please help, the AS doesn’t recognize the device, AND the CD that was included with the purchase can’t be read by my computer. I am stuck with a $30 paperweight right now

On a related note, my review did not post on the website.

You can post it to :

Seeed technical will solve it for you

It works with ATMEL AVR Studio 4.13(4.19) , however, it may be not compatible with a higher version , such as Atmel Studio 6.1.