Firmware upgrade question

I have just bought a DSO nano 201 with a pcb V1.5C_MB with a welcome screen that indictates (presumably firmware) version 1.4.00p

The case style is black plastic with a joystick up/down/left/right keypad.

My first impression of the unit is that it looks reasonably well made but that it is let down by the display variables and menus being a crude translation into English with many mistakes.

I would like to upgrade the unit firmware to see if a later version at least removes these errors before I start to learn how to operate the unit.

What is the latest version of firmware I can load on this unit?

Sounds like you have a DSO nano of a different make which you did not buy from seeedstudio? And your unit is probably using paul’s firmware. I think you can upgrade it to pauls firmware 1.5 to get rid of some spelling mistakes or you can switch to seeedstudios firmware but I don’t how it will react to your hardware, probably it will work without any problems. You find everything you need to upgrade the firmware here

Thanks for the info I’ll try that. So what’s the difference with pauls firmware 1.5 and what I will now call the official seeedstudios firmware?

I am concerned however as I didn’t realise I was buying some sort of clone. I bought it on ebay as a DSO nano 201 it has E-Design on the back, I just assumed they were all the same. I didn’t even look at the seeedstudios website as I thought I had enough info from the seller to at least decide to buy.

Is there a difference in the design of the Seeed and E-Design versions as I found a Sparkfun forum post saying they were the same. I can’t compare the two circuit diagrams as I can only find the Seeed version online.