Firmware upgrade problem

I am running version 3.61 v2 and I can’t get the latest fimware upgrade version 3.62 to work. I have have upgraded sucessfully in the past and watched the Ly Graves video to refresh my memory and I am confident that I have used the correct procedures in the STMicroelectronics dfuse demonstration version (3.0.0), but when I turn the Nano off and back on it still shows the old version 3.61 v2. Any help would be appreciated.

Danny Berry

I figured out the problem. I had somehow downloaded the app and the lib file…the app file only gives the new version 3.62. If you download the lib file too it stays in the previous version with no upgrade when you choose it in the stmicroelectronics dfuse demo program. :unamused:

Hopefully this will help others who possibly may make the same mistake.

thanks for your sharing…

Are you saying that I should only select the .app file in dfuse and upload it? Leaving the .lib file alone?? Is this true even if I am upgrading from a stock DSO Nano V2?

thanks in advance,