Firmware update problems

I have a Quad hardware v.2.6 which I’ve already upgraded to Sys 1.50/App 2.50. Now Ive been trying to upgrade to the new App3_P100 and ran into troubles
First, I could not update anything using linux; the binaries were copying ok, showing .rdy, but after reboot I was always back in the old Sys 1.50/App 2.50.
Finally I managed to update to Sys 1.51/ App 2.52 but only from my laptop (using Windows 7 32 bit) and repeated tries. Cannot figure out why it didn’t want to work in linux anymore. Even when the update failed to apply, the .rdy files were there. Hopefully the FPGA upgraded correctly to 2.61 (not sure how to check this). Now any try to upgrade to App3_P100 results into a .rdy file that does not match the hex file; is this wrong? I suppose so.
As a final result the DSO always boots the 2.52 app but no error occurs.
Also an observation: didn’t App V2.52 already have XY and FFT modes? cause mine doesn’t seem to have them
Any clue for what should I do? Should I try to format the virtual drive???

P.S.: cannot attach the ap3_p100.rdy file, the forum does not allow that no matter how I change the extension, I don’t understand why…

As the name suggests the AP3_100 runs in slot 3 of the DSO. While switching on, press and hold button 3 on the top of DSO to activate the AP3_100.


Thanks very much, it’s stupid but I didn’t think it was not a real update but a separate app :smiley:
Of course it works :slight_smile:

Is there a method to install an app in a specific app slot without recompiling it? not that I would be a newbie in C/C++ and even assembler on various platforms, but I’ve never used this toolkit (either IAR or the GNU toolkit for the quad) and don’t have enough time to play with it and the sources.

Still have no clue why I had to try repeatedly to update the sys and main app and why the update didn’t work in linux anymore, as it previously did.

Thank you

Hi Florin

I too was a total newbie on arm and this toolchain. Thanks to the work put in by Marco, Gabriel, and now Pedro, I was able to modify my DSO. Once you are able to do that, you can put the app in any slot you choose just by changing a line in the .BAT file.

Pedro (pmos69) has a complete package you can download and play with. Of course you need to download the compiler too and follow the instructions very carefully to get it running.

Once I knew how, I could put pmos69 app in slot 1, ap3_100 in slot 3, and the freq response app in slot 4. Now, isn’t that cool? 3-in-1.


So I should understand there’s no other way than to recompile. It means what I wanted to do will have to wait, have not enough time right now to learn to use the toolkit and understand the sources.
Anyway it would have been interesting for closed source apps like Chip’s firmware, and to avoid upgrading/downgrading the main app all the time you want to test something new.