Firmware Update Fails repeated attempts

I am a newbie DSO Quad user. I apologize in advance if my issue has already been addressed in another thread. I received a DSO Quad for Christmas. I am unable to upgrade its firmware… I am looking for some assistance in determining what I am doing wrong.

When it boots, it presents the following information in the splash screen:
Hardware version 2.70
DS203 Mini SYS Version 1.52
DS203 Mini DSO App (Plus A1) Ver 1.00
Parameter record not found

I have read the instructions at the “DSO Quad: Upgrading Firmware” Wiki. I have made three attempts to download the firmware using a Windows laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium (V6.0, Service Pack 2).

First attempt: I downloaded the SYS_B152 and AP1P100 rar files linked to by the Wiki for the Hardware V2.7 unit. Uncompressed the files. Booted the DSO Quad in firmware update mode per instructions. Copied the SYS hex file over and waited for the DSO Quad to reconnect with the file labelled as “RDY”. Repeated for the APP hex file. Turned off the DSO and restarted in normal mode. No upgrade occurred… the splash screen remained the same.

Second Attempt: I wondered if the FPGA firmware was out of date. So I downloaded the latest version of that referenced by the Wiki page (this update was only available for the v2.6 hardware). Loaded the ADR file. After confirmation, loaded the BIN file. After confirmation, loaded the SYS hex file. After confirmation loaded the APP hex file. After confirmation, cycled power on the DSO. No change in the splash screen or UI.

Third Attempt: Identical to the first attempt. Loaded the SYS and APP files in sequence with confirmation in between. Restarted the unit. No change to the firmware.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Does the yellow error-like message (“Parameter record not found”) mean anything significant? Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated.


You are already running exactly those versions. SYS 1.52 = SYS_B152, APP Plus A1 1.00 = AP1P100.

It just means that there are no saved settings for the application. You can go to the menu and save the settings and then it will say something like “Loading parameter record”.

Aha… as with so many newbie questions, I didn’t understand what I was seeing. The reason for my confusion was that the User Interface for my unit doesn’t match any of the documentation that I downloaded for the DSO Quad. I assumed that meant my firmware was out of date (instead of assuming I was looking at the wrong documentation) This discrepancy blinded me to the information in the splash screen. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

The only remaining question I have is with regard to the UI. Am I correct in assuming that the documentation that I have is for an older UI and my unit is now presenting an updated UI? I studied the navigation concepts in the documentation that I have and used them to teach myself how to navigate around the functions in my unit by trial and error.

Thanks again for the help. I always feel better when I find that the system error was in me and not the hardware/software. I am more adept at fixing the source code in me than I am in the tools I use.

“App plus 1.00” looks like this:

The older application, version 2.51 looks like this:

If you want, the 2.51 application is easy to find. There is also somewhat improved version by the community: