Firmware for Grove Triple Color E-Ink Display 2.13"?

Hi, as your hardware / software is open source I wonder if there’s a link to the actual firmware on the Triple Color E-Ink Display 2.13"?

Found <LINK_TEXT text=“ … E-lnk_2.13”></LINK_TEXT> which does not seem to contain the “SPI to UART” firmware on the ST Electronics ARM M0 (stm32f031f6p6tr) on the Grove module.

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Are you looking for the source code for the programme? check this: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … de_213.ino”></LINK_TEXT>


I’m also looking for the source code to this file: epd2in13b-demo.ino.bin

And how to access the STM32? Is it possible through the UART interface like with the heart rate sensor?

I have basically the same question. There is a “firmware download interface” highlighted in one of the photos. What I’m looking for is the source code for this firmware. Also, the github repo referenced in the question says " 1. If you need to change the startup code, check out the library’s code for STM32." but it doesn’t say where that is.

If all that’s going on here is UART-to-SPI conversion, then presumably it’s pretty straightforward; however I would like to understand how the command/data to the display is being controlled. It looks like the characters ‘a’ (transmitted) and ‘b’ or ‘c’ (received) have some control function.