Firmware 2.31 - single trigger

I’ve been hoping for a firmware upgrade that would allow me to use the DSO to capture and display single triggered events. Unfortunately this does not seem to happen and I’m starting to wonder if it’s even considered as apparently no progress has been made in this area over the past year.

What I would like is the following:

  • Select single trigger (screen cleared, mode set to RUN by DSO)
  • DSO will sample continuesly and check for trigger (no waveform on screen)
  • Sampled signal meets trigger condition
  • Waveform is displayed on the DSO, centered on the screen
  • Mode changed to HOLD by DSO (no sampling)
  • User can scroll display left/right to see the full buffer captured around the trigger point
  • User press RUN and the cycle repeats

I see features such as transparent waveform and a new mode called “FIT” which obviously requires development resources. There appears to be no demand however for these features (judging by feedback in this forum) so why not use the development resources to implement popular requests.

Please give some feedback on what to expect.

This is like single mode of a standard oscilloscope. We are working on a new firmware including single trigger mode right now, which should be prepared long ago. Thank you so much for the input!


You’re not the only one who wished for a working SING trigger but obviously they won’t listen :frowning:
In my job I often need to look at the quality of digital signals and of course the up and down flanks are very important so a pulse is not counted twice and so on in the other end. Now I have to borrow a fluke industrial analyzer each time I have to do that because my dso nano can’t do it :frowning:

I still can’t understand why the SING mode seems to work if you use it against the internal test signal. FreeZinG wrote:

Kind regards
David Nordenberg

Thanks for the quick feedback, much appreciated.

I trust it can be challenging to implement, but really we do not have a DSO unless this feature is in place.