Finger on or Off // Grove Finger Clip Heartbeat Sensor

I’m trying to find a way to request the sensor to say if a finger is on the sensor or not.

Super thankfull for any leads


Hi, why do you want to detect fingers? Do you want to detect the heartbeat as well? Because if you just want to detect things on the sensor. You can use Grove Ultrasound Sensor or Grove ToF Sensor that they can detect the things and send back information.

Hi thanks for answering.

Basically I manage to get a bpm from the sensor, but when I remove the finger, the sensor keeps giving the last measurement until the photosensor is activated again. So I’d like to find a way to tell the arduino that the finger is not on the sensor anymore so I can program a stop from the measurement

Thank you

In this case, you may want a microcontroller to control your bpm sensor with another object detect sensor.
Are you currently using Arduino UNO board? You can use a simple Grove - Ultrasonic Distance Sensor to measure the distance.You can put them together.
Once it detects under like 10cm(finger down), you can use the microcontroller to control the bpm sensor to begin to get bpm. And once the Ultrasonic Distance Sensor detects under like 10cm(finger up), you can let it stop.

Yes I’m using an arduino Uno card combined with an Ada fruit mp3 shield.
I’m getting the bpm from the heartbeat sensor, and use the data to play an mp3 heart beat sample on a micro SD from the mp3 shield.

For now everything works perfectly, just the heart beat keeps being played even after the finger is removed.

That’s why I wanted to see if something could be programmed so the sensor stops sending information to the arduino after the finger is removed. Unfortunately I don’t have time to add the ultrasonic distance sensor to my system so I will go with an analog solution and position something reflective above the sensor (10cm) which triggers a stop.

Thank you for your help

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