Finger-clip Heart Rate Sensor - raw data

Dear Seeed -Community, I would like my sensor to inform me on serial monitor whenever there is a “pulse beat” -so I can link this up with an LED that is supposed to light up with every beat- and not to show the calculated heartrate as it does now. Thus my question: Can this device return raw data from sensor or only calculated heart rate and what code commands would I have to use?

Currently I am using:

#include <Wire.h> void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); Serial.println("heart rate sensor:"); Wire.begin(); } void loop() { Wire.requestFrom(0xA0 >> 1, 1); // request 1 bytes from slave device while(Wire.available()) { // slave may send less than requested unsigned char c =; // receive heart rate value (a byte) Serial.println(c, DEC); // print heart rate value } delay(500); }

Many thanks

If you have the slightest idea, please let me know :bulb: