Finger-clip Heart Rate Sensor polling mode instead of the SCL stretching?

Hi there,

I was just wondering does the module have a build in pull-up resistor or is this located on the grove shield for the arduino?




The 10kΩ onboard resistors don’t seem to cut it for i2c communication, I added 2, 4.7kΩ resistors on SDA and SCL lines.

I get some values now but communication stops after x amout of time due to SCL stretching is there a way to change this mode?

HI Vik,

It has 10k pull up resistor on sda scl on the sensor. thanks.

So this means I can connect it without a problem to another device supporting i2c, for example a huzzah32 (esp32)?

Hi Vik,

From hardware point of view, yes. thanks.

Have you any clue if the heart rate sensor has polling mode instead of the SCL stretching? This seems to be conflicting for communication over i2c.

And if so is it changeable via the Arduino IDE or do I have to do a specific type of communication with the onboard stm32 chip?