**Finally!**😛 Module for Seeed Studio XIAO - UART Interface, mini GPS/Tracker...more

:stuck_out_tongue: Finally!!
GNSS add on Module for Seeed Studio XIAO - UART Interface, mini GPS/Tracker,
Powered by Quectel L76K

Just showed up , Back ordered…LOL
Now we know where is Carmen Sandiego :smiley: :+1:
Check it out now…

Now we Are rolling.! NEXT a 3G Xiao… C’mon man.
GL :slight_smile: PJ :v:

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Yes a large and heavy ceramic plate antenna helps the GPS reception, but it does not really make for a ‘mini’ GPS tracker.

With such a board, how would you actually receive the tracker location ?

Is that a XIAO with header pins pre-souldered or are they just teasing me?

Hi there,
Not sure How much you know about :satellite:GNSS GLOBAL GPS , It’s not your :artificial_satellite:GPS in your Phone :face_with_peeking_eye:. It is unlike any B4 it, Tiny :pinching_hand: by GNSS standards.
Compared even to the Demo I have on here for the Air530… This thing is perfect.
The antenna is of higher quality too.
The Real Question is what the current Draw? , How much power will it use.
They offer some software app, but a roll your own approach is what I’ll do.
So fantastic that it’s the same size as the XIao… I’m stoked.! :star_struck:

GL :slight_smile: PJ

Looks like the GPS is designed to be soldered to the back of the XIAO.

There are some details on the power consumption of GPSs here;

And how the type of antenna affects fix times here;

Note from the above that even a simple bit of wire, light and compact, can work quite well on the Quectel GPSs.

Power consumption of that GPS (Quectel L76) will be in the order of 15-25mA whilst aquireing a fix, typically 45 seconds, and it may settle down to 10-15mA after a couple of minutes.

For a lot of tracker applications then the GPS is normally run in ‘hot fix’ mode, after it gets a fix its powered down or put into standby and as long as there is a voltage on the battery backup pin the GPS maintains the satellite empherisis data it has downloaded and when powered back up will aquire a fix in 5 seconds or so and you can then power down again.

The L76 shown has a software backup current of 500uA and down to 7uA if you can power it down via a MOSFET etc. The L76 (allegadly) has a mode whereby it adapts to how its being moved around, when moving in a car say, it uses more power to maintain fix accuracy and can reduce power when its stationary or moving slowly. Quectel claim the power consumption can fall to 2.6mA.

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Just seen this in the datasheet for the GPS;

Screenshot - 06_02_2024 , 08_54_37

Standby current OK, but that active antenna must be consuming a fair bit of current …

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