Film and Frame - Data Record + Access

Most of the demo code for the Film and Frame works great, but I need some help with understanding how the data record and data access works with the W25X32 flash memory.
The code compiles fine, I upload, then when I try to read the data off the card I get nothing. How should I be seeing the logged data - does it print to the serial monitor or a text file?
And how can I tell that the card is actually logging the data - and not in sleep mode?
I know there is a basic tutorial to set up film and frame for programming, are there any other tutorials or demo code out there?

Pls refer to this.

Hi Steve-
The code on the ‘Seeeduino Motion Frame’ wiki refers to W25Xnn.h which isn’t included in any of the other demo code.
Other libraries used in the supplied demo code are W25x32.h and W25Xxx.h.
I can compile the demo code, but nothing happens.
What is the right library to use?
Has anyone else gotten this code to work?
Would really appreciate some help with this, this hardware seems pointless if the flash memory does not work.

If anyone can post code that they have successfully used to read/write access the SPI Serial Flash Memory on the Seeeduino Motion Frame I would really appreciate it.

Please find the latest libraries for Motion Frame.
And unzip them to the Arduino library folder.
the data will print to Serial in 38400 bps.

Albert (21.6 KB)

Hi Onnai,

There was a rewrite of Motion Frame Library for better readability. Hence differences in library. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.
The latest version of library is always maintained at and

Please see the examples under each library for a simple demo application. DataRecord and DataAccess folders contain sketches for complete data recording and data reading demonstration.

1.Use DataRecord.pde sketch for logging barometer/accelerometer data.
2.Use DataAccess.pde sketch for reading back the recorded data.

The examples/sketches are adequately commented and explains the operations. The baud rate for the debug serial communication could be 9600 or 38400. Refer the setup() section of sketch.

Let us know if this solves your issue.