File check before paying


You can first send you files gerberas in check.
If they meet all the technical parameters of production, then I pay for the order.
You can do that?

Which product do you want to order?
What technical parameters of production would you want?
Files gerberas ?

hi there,
yes, we always do it like that, if there are any problems with your gerber files, we contact with you ASAP.


I’m a newbie on PCB and I have same problem.
I found a project on internet and give me only gerber files, so before to pay I would like to understand if these files are correct. I attached it.
In the original project there is a .GKO file I delete it. The orginal extension of .TXT file was .DRI.
I tried to open the gerber files, the software tell me RS-274x and Excellon format.

Thank you
socrates (73.5 KB)

hi socrates
yes, the gerber file must be RS-274x format, it contains top and bottom silkscreen(GTO,GBO), top and bottom solder mask(GTS,GBS), top and bottom tracks(GTL,GBL) and drilling data(TXT).
but in your gerber files only have GTO,GBL ,GBS and TXT files, so please modify it and send the complete files to us.

Thank you dingding for your reply. I have only those files, I found the project on internet. The PCB is only 1 layer.
I make the schema and the board with eagle is better.