Fiducials in Seeed for very small boards

Hello, I am trying to make a very small PillCam pcb board and send it to seeed for manufacturing and assembly. My board dimensions are 17mm x 13mm. How should I place my fiducials in such a small board? What are the restrictions for the distance of the fiducial to the edge of the board?

Hi @simos421,

Seeed Fusion has released its Design for Manufacture (DFM) publication, free to download and free hard copies to educational institutions. Please take a look it has everything you need to know about PCB design and design standard for Seeed Fusion.

read here: Seeed Fusion’s Design for Manufacture


I am having the same issue as well. I have a very small board (14mm x 25mm) with one QFN 6 pins component on it. According to the Design for Manufacture (DFM) brochure from Seeed Fusion, this board would require 3 image fiducials (at >6mm from the board edge), and 2 local fiducials around the QFN component. But the board is just too small for putting at least the 3 image fiducials.

So what options do I have?
Thanks for your help.

Hi all,

If you are using the Seeed Fusion PCBA service for non-batch production order these aren’t necessary, especially for small boards. Usually, the panel fiducials will be sufficient, which we will add for you.

Hope that helps

Thanks Carmen for your answer.

No problem! Glad to help