few suggestions

1 make a cheap oscilloscope as possible 20$-40$ is good price.
2 price it by number of inputs
3 add a voltage divider to test tesla high voltage projects and to test the wall.
4 add a touch screen
5 make an open source general use kind of mp3 handheld device as you did, maybe to use other’s handheld with a touch display to implement the same scope.
just change the a2d chip and change the software, maybe leave a lot of room inside the case. drive developers to make a software framework.
6. move source code to github the collaboration there is much better believe me

i believe the price is real brandsdragon.com/products/product_28189.htm

A probe to test high voltages is hundred times the price of the scope

Thank you so much for your suggestions. We will take them into consideration.