few noob questions

hello guys .i have been using the dso nano for almost a year now ,without any issues.
but , i never tried (or needed) to saved waeforms .
so , yesterday i got a micro sd card and tried to save a waveform on it .
after reading few threads on here , now i understand that i got the wrong card - i bought 4gb card , and it seems that it wont work with the nano .
is it so ?
the frmware on my nano is around 1.6 or 1.5 (cant remember now) .so if i will upgrade to the newest 3.XX version , would i be able to use the bigger sd card ?

if the card is not good , can i use the internal memory for saving waveforms ?

and what software is used to read the saved waveform files ?

thanks allot guys , any help is appriciated .

All of your questions can be answered by reading the latest BenF release 9-page Firmware User’s Guide that is included in the download zip file posted by BenF.

thank you very much for the reply.
i read all those pages , so now i know a bit more.

but now i’m having an unexpected problem , windows wont recognize the device . tried in win 7 and win xp , both dont recognize it and cant find the right drivers.
when i hold down the (-) key and power up , i have the “please connect to usb host” message and the bottom line is “DS0201 Device Firmware Upgrade Ver 2.0”

my firmware version is 1.4.00p

in device manager , it appears as STM32 DFU

i also tried to connect it to my macbook , looks like its at least doing something , the message “Firmware Upgrading…”
“Please Wait” appears , but i dont see the devise in the osx finder :frowning:

plz help guys .

“How to load Firmware into DSOnano” viewtopic.php?f=12&t=578

thank you!
the manual did not say that a driver was needed :confused: .
thanks to your instructions i did it.
i have updated to the latest benf software .now i need to get a 2gb sd card :smiley:

one last question for today :unamused:
can i use some kind of software to view the saved waveforms on the pc ? for example , can i save a 10min signal sample on the dso , then view it on the pc ?
thanks allot guys .

Hi Stephan,
I’ve bought a 2GB Kingston micro SD and it’s working perfect.
That’s a good brand and very cheap one.
I got mine for € 4.88 = ($ 6.32) from a Staples store (office requisites, Germany)