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I can finally make a recipe ugh the previous version was really crap and I lost hope I guess this new version will do now :slight_smile:

If anything uncomfortable with, please let us know :wink:

We’re still working on a better way of editing recipe.


Have just published my recipe and had the following problems:
You should have provision for step-by-step instructions like instructables
Ordered List does not show up with numbers
Pressing Backspace takes you to the previous page losing your changes
The Toolbar should stay visible - when you scroll down or write a lot of text - it goes up and you have to keep scrolling up to access the tools

But much better than earlier versions. Thanks

Thank you for your feedback.

Actually you can build step-by-step instructions with “Header 2” formatting just as before (we’ll emphasize this information in later update).

And we’ll look into the other problems you mentioned. Thanks for the suggestions.

I accidentally add UPDATES and want to delete it in my recipe. Cannot find a setting for delete/edit UPDATES.
How can I do this ??

Hi Oak, due to the restriction of our development resource, I’m still trying to fix it. Will update you later…