(FEEDBACK) Rephone without a battery


I’ve just got my rephone this morning, but the content of the package does not contain battery.

I can read on viewtopic.php?f=71&t=6505 that it won’t work without any battery.

I d’ont understand why many kickstart pledge have no battery.

  • How users are suppose to interact with a phone that cannot work?
  • If battery is really mandatory, can someone point me to a place to buy battery?


Hi, you can power up the RePhone/Xadow GSM+BLE with a battery of 3,5V ~ 4,2V and JST 1.0 male connector, or power it up through the breakout PIN 3(VCC) and breakout PIN 6(GND) as illustrated below:

I really see this as a problem. We backed on a Hackathon kit and i was expecting that the gsm + ble would work without the battery. Therefore without the battery or a power source on pins this is practically useless in programming? I would suggest that GSM + BLE includes battery so that you could start programming immediately; i believe developers would’t mind with the added cost with the battery when we could start immediately.

Hi, jared

Did you managed to get up an running the GSM+BLE module without a battery?

I tried to feed 3.3V and 4.15V on Vcc (pin 3) and GND (pin 6), with no battery, but the led does not light.

Do I have to plug a battery also?

Please, help.

Hi, robarago
The GSM+BLE module can be powered up through the breakout PIN 3(VCC) and breakout PIN 6(GND), just like the picture I posted.
By the way, the RGB LED is not indicate to the status of power, it can be controlled by program. which program your module is running?
I have posted my testing vxp, if it detect the SIM card, module flash red led, otherwise, it flash green led.
Sim_detect.zip (54.1 KB)


Thank you very much for the info, the code and the photo… cool!

I’ve managed to have the GSM+BLE powered this way also and began to use LUA and JS apis.

Thanks again.


Hi again,

Thank you again for the Sim_detect.zip demo, is the source code available?

I’ve found an erratic behaviour with the module when powered with a 3.3V regulated power supply. The module resets most of the time.

Of course, I’m not blaming of this because it’s well known that you should supply 3.5V to 4.2V if working with the SIM card, so I have a very good reason to plug a battery!

Hope it helps me to undersand one simple fact: trust the doc :wink:



I have read that for other GSM devices (i.e SIM800L) the power supply must be able to provide sufficient current up to 2A. Without that, high current draws might lead to shut-downs or restarts of the GSM module

Is this the case for the MT2502A? I could not find it in the specifications.

In case I would need 2A current supply, would be possible to power the GSM+BLE directly from the USB with a 5V / 2A., or do I still need to power it from PIN 3(VCC) and breakout PIN 6(GND)?

Thank you for your answers.