Fedora 38 on LinkStar H68K


I intend to install Fedora 38 on my newly bought LinkStar H68K.

I wanted to open this post in order to get suggestions and feedback. When we figure it out, hopefully, this can lead to a wiki page detailing how to install Fedora 38 (or newer) on one of these devices.

Why? Because Fedora can be a marvelous router. NetworkManager has become pretty powerful and can manage many scenarios. I intend to explore this by using this mighty little gadget.

In any case, here’s what I’ve been up to.

First, I tried installing Fedora 38 aarch on a 128 GB TF card. It didn’t boot from it so:

  • Maybe the TF card is too big.
  • Fedora might not be working from there.

I used this piece of software to generate it: Overview - arm-image-installer - Pagure.io

It doesn’t seem to support my specific model but I tried some of the rock-* ones.

The supported board list is:

In any case, that failed. It might be good to get the help of the Rock/Seed engineers in order to find the right settings so that the arm-image-installer software supports their hardware.

In any case…

I read the wiki and found the “Install Operating System” link for it:
It is pretty specific and it requires a windows machine, which I don’t have. Pretty bad.

I went on and looked for the RKDevTool for linux and found this: GitHub - rockchip-linux/rkdeveloptool

At first, it didn’t compile. Then, I found this bug and pull request which fixes it:

Applied the patch and the tool was built successfully.

Next thing, try the ./rkdeveloptool -h command and see what it offers. It’s kind of daunting since it offers a minimally explained command list.

From what I gathered from the wiki, I will need to run the ul command in order to flash the required image.

I haven’t tried it yet. I might just try and generate a Live USB stick and try booting the LinkStar with that first.

If anyone has any suggestions, pointers or feedback, they’re all welcome.

“It is pretty specific and it requires a windows machine, which I don’t have. Pretty bad.”:I’m also sorry about that.Perhaps if you have a colleague/friend who is using windows, this might be the best approach for now