Feature request, datalink

I am not 100% sure that is this right place but lets try.
DSO nano looks wery promising product. After some research I notice that there is no communication protocol to usb. So is it possible by hardware that you guys implement some kind communication protocol for that device. Because there is wery limited bandwith and cpu I also hope that it is binary protocol. If someone can make DSO side and give some hint how to communicate with that device I can make c# api for protocol and also make some opensource application for that.
Protocol feature goals:

  • Commands for all configuration parameter changes.
  • Command for request live PCM stream with given samplerate and bitrate. (maybe via faked soundcard?)
  • Command for request sample from memory.

One way to get very easy interface is if is possile to make virtual serial port to DSO for command channel and virtual soundcard for datatransfer. I think that kind interface is so easy to use that it motivate people to make own applications what communicate with DSO

It should be feasible by modding the firmware. We will look into it.
Also, current SD card waveform storage and loading is not convenient too, we will develop a cross platform app for the parameter setting and waveform control.
Thanks for the proposal!