Faulty Memory - Random Crashes

After a lot of random crashes with my Odyssey Blue (ssd/non emmc), I ran Memtest and it shows thousands of errors.
How can I get a replacement?

EDIT: Added memtest results


Ours support team will contact you.

I contacted your amazon support team. They gave me these two addresses to to talk to:
haixu.liu@chaihuo.org and hui.yang@seeed.cc

After sending them an email on 30.04.21 (11 days ago), I still have not received an answer and still can not use the hardware.

Can you please look into this. Otherwise I’ll just send it back to amazon and request a refund.

Ehh,let me see what happened.

Sorry to trouble you. Ours support team has replied to you at 30 April. Can you double check your mail box?

Was there a resolution? I am having the same issue and trying to figure out if I need to return mine. Thank you

Yes, I just returned it to amazon and got my money back.

Seeed wanted me to either replace the memory myself, which is soldered to the board or return the board back to China for repairing. They just send me a plain shipping address, no return label no nothing. They said, they’d pay for shipping, to be fair. But I didn’t want to do that. It all felt pretty chaotic and weird. Especially because this happened all outside of the Amazon support system.

So I just contacted Amazon directly, got a return label to their warehouse and got my full money back.

Thank you for the reply. Support just deemed mine defective.

I just received mine yesterday its the Odyssey Blue J4125 model , I had a hell of time trying installing pfsense which ended in random crashes.
I bought three brand new usb sticks as I thought it was the culpret.
finally I ran the memory test and voila… a lot of red lines ended by a bold FAIL
already emailed support and waiting for a response
mine was bought directly from Seeedstudio !

I ordered BlueJ4125+128SSD version. I am really looking forward to working on my projects on this machine.
But looking at the comments, it makes me wonder if it’s going to arrive with a faulty memory. It would be really disappointing.
Is Seeed Studio doing appropriate quality memory tests before shipping?

Hold your horses, I already got a reply from support but I am not sure if I understand them correctly regarding shipping the item back .
I will update the status once I got a new reply from them.

Mine arrived yesterday, memtest looks good.
But facing another problem with connecting monitor to USB-C. Will open another post.

I already sent back the device as per SeeedStudio instructions and now waiting for a replacement

received a replacement and its working as it should

Sadly I just received an Odyssey x86 Blue yesterday and it already has bad memory. The first thing I did after setting it up was run memtest86+ and it ran two passes just fine. Finished setting up my services and it was running for less than 12 hours before it froze. Noticed a bunch of memory related errors in the system logs so I ran memtest86+ again and sure enough, it’s failing. I’m really questioning the quality of RAM being used.


I am sorry to hear about the RAM issues. Please return it for replacement, Can I know from where you bought the ODYSSEY?

It was purchased from Amazon. I’ve already ordered and received a new one and returned the old one. I ran memtest86+ on the new one and it passed but I’ll run it again after a few days. I’m just a bit concerned about the reliability of the memory as I’ve never seen memory fail so quickly. When looking at the information in memtest86+ about the memory, the manufacturer is listed as “ABCD” and the serial number as “1234”. Makes me suspicious as to what type of memory is actually being used.

Hi @shred,

Could you please use aida64 software to check your RAM?

It should show the model of the RAM used.

I’m running a headless Debian 11 setup and it doesn’t look like there’s a command line linux version of AIDA64. I do have Cockpit installed and the memory info in there shows “Unknown” for the manufacturer as well.