Faulty B-button

Got a new DSO Nano V2

My problem is that if i press the B-button it stucks under the black plastic list
and it just stays there… the only way to release it is to take the included screwdriver
and open the case then i can release the button and screw tha case back again.
So i cant touch the button. If i do the DSO Nano behave very strange in handling :smiley:

What to do? This was the first time i tried it.
My DSO Nano have been in its box since i bought it so it feels like it was allready broken
before it arrived to me.


Hi Anton:
Sorry for the issue.
Please contact “QC@seeedstuido.com” for replacement.

Ok, what to write in that mailcontact?


I still haven’t got any replacement :frowning:
what to do?