FAT32 and stalker

I have been trying to get a FAT 32 implementation so I can use the only card I have, a 16G card, to work with a gps library for time and position. The goal being position and temperature logging to a text file or set of files that I can read on other systems. Unfortunately all my attempts to combine implementations FAT32 and NEMA parsing do not fit. I can get within 1k, but no closer. Has anyone succeeded in doing this or a similar task? What libraries did you use?

I use :


from Bill.Greiman with arduino mega… and work ok.
i havent tested on stalker…
if you test it, please post a comment with results.

If you find a code that using SPI interface and support , that the stalker can support the FAT32 either . Now we provide the code that is a not a fully file system and just a filelogger demo , so it just support FAT16 and appending data into a existent file.

I have gotten to within 1k of fitting, but no better :frowning: I hate 168s…

Stalker with 168 will get extincted …soon.