Farewell Seeed

I have had a Nano 3 for over 2 years I think,I wanted to use it for Auto Engine tuning and troubleshooting seemed to be just the thing ,small ,and portable,I bought 10x,100x attenuators,working on a 1000x,lots of leads etc.
I have used Auto motor car Oscilloscopes for 35 years of my working life,now retired,I wanted to travel around and instruct the younger mechanics and amateur car owners and hand on my skills.
BUT,I needed to save and store patterns,I learnt to load BenF and all the lessons on Nano etc ,ordered NANO 3 with 2gb card,–it would never save a to card,read every post regarding this problem over and over…
Finally in desperation I tried,bridging the end solder joints on the SD card holder[which was fitted when I bought it] now kaput,no turn on no nothing,finito Nano.Remove solder bridge no workee.The posts on this warned that it was risky,but the darned thing was no good as it was!
Shame really as the concept was good,unfortunately Seeed probably know no more about these than I do,its certainly open source,left to the buyers[the smart ones at that]to get them working,I’m not surprised Ben gave up,it was obvious he was doing someones work for them unpaid.
The buyers of Nano would mostly be not highly trained techs,if they were ,they would have proper Crows and not need cheaper products that were not developed or made properly in my opinion.
So I’ll look further for something that will do the job for me,unfortunately this work is only a hobby these days and I don’t have much money,but there may be some reputable Company that makes reasonably priced small scopes that are backed up AND work.
Good luck from Australia.Baz