FAQ of Bluetooth Shield

[size=150]Connecting Bluetooth Shield with Arduino Mega[/size]
1 Modify your program:

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>   //Software Serial Port
#define RxD 10
#define TxD 11

#define DEBUG_ENABLED  1

SoftwareSerial blueToothSerial(RxD,TxD);

void setup() 
  pinMode(RxD, INPUT);
  pinMode(TxD, OUTPUT);


void loop() 
  char recvChar;
    if(blueToothSerial.available()){//check if there's any data sent from the remote bluetooth shield
      recvChar = blueToothSerial.read();
    if(Serial.available()){//check if there's any data sent from the local serial terminal, you can add the other applications here
      recvChar  = Serial.read();

void setupBlueToothConnection()
  blueToothSerial.begin(38400); //Set BluetoothBee BaudRate to default baud rate 38400
  blueToothSerial.print("\r\n+STWMOD=0\r\n"); //set the bluetooth work in slave mode
  blueToothSerial.print("\r\n+STNA=SeeedBTSlave\r\n"); //set the bluetooth name as "SeeedBTSlave"
  blueToothSerial.print("\r\n+STOAUT=1\r\n"); // Permit Paired device to connect me
  blueToothSerial.print("\r\n+STAUTO=0\r\n"); // Auto-connection should be forbidden here
  delay(2000); // This delay is required.
  blueToothSerial.print("\r\n+INQ=1\r\n"); //make the slave bluetooth inquirable 
  Serial.println("The slave bluetooth is inquirable!");
  delay(2000); // This delay is required.

2 Jumper wires:
Please connect digital 6(7) to digital 10(11) via jumper wire.

Note:Don’t forget to turn the PIO1 to A1 position.

[size=150]How to change the baud rate of Bluetooth Shield[/size]


After compiling the program,the baud rate of bluetooth has been changed to 9600.

Note : The connection between mobile and Bluetooth module may be not stable while using the baud rate of 9600.

2 So you need modify the demo of Slave

How to change baud rate via UartSBee.

If you have set a high baud rate to Bluetooth shield, such as 230400, but Arduino IDE can support a high baud rate, so you need to reset a lower baud rate to Bluetooth via a USB to Serial device, such as UartSBee(seeedstudio.com/depot/UartSB … Path=63_66)

Don’t forget turn the switch of UartSBee to 3.3v position.

Then open a serial tool, Setting: 230400,8,N,1.

Send a Blank command first and then send +STBD=38400. (Similar information please refer to this topic : viewtopic.php?f=18&t=4161)

Good luck.