FAQ Answers often not helpful

Hi, I think you miss a lot of sales opportunities by not giving better answers to your FAQ customer questions. For example, on 2018-12-18, admin gave this answer: Hi, Attention this Relay only works with alternating current. It can not work with direct current. Regards.

The question was: Can I use Grove-Solid State Relay for 15V and 500 mA output? Is there a minimum for it?

Admin did not answer the question… The client did not specify whether the 15V 500 mA output was AC or DC. They asked if there was a minimum voltage and current that the module could control.

You might follow up with additional information specifying the minimum current that can be switched and if there is or is not a minimum voltage output level that can be controlled. I beleive the answer is 0.1-2 A @ 75-264 VAC. You might also suggest that you now have another product available that supports 0-60V AC/DC with 0.5 Ohm on resistance in your Grove - Optocoupler Relay SKU101020603 $5.95