failure to deliver

placed order in October,failed to deliver apparently they lost files(that old chestnut) send numerous e-mails to no avail just ignore them, or pleas be patient order will be processed ion seven days (four weeks ago) so buyer beware for long wait to recover money if at all.

Sorry for the confusing and sad service for last two months, we are working very hard to regain your trusts! :slight_smile:
Thank you for lifting your concern!

why then after several e-mails and raising complaint trough pay pal has your company not processed refund it is a simple process or do you hope customer will simply disappear, we are now over three months waiting and counting hope i dont have to report it four months…

wont be giving this company any more money found better offer from china free coloured board, free postage, registered optional, same board cost as this motley crew
no board
no responce
no money
bye bye