Faild to connect to ubus - OpenWrt on Seeed Dual Gigabit Ethernet Carrier Board

Hi guys
I am trying to install OpenWRT on a Seeed Dual Gigabit Ethernet Carrier Board. I already tried with some versions from here
For example, the version from 15 February (openwrt-bcm27xx-bcm2711-rpi-4-ext4-factory.img.gz)
Unfortunately, error messages appear when booting (see attachment). The Raspi hangs and you cannot make any entries with the keyboard.
Does anyone have an idea what I can do?
Previously, Raspi OS was installed on the board and it worked perfectly.
Many THX

For the installation of openwrt, please refer to the wiki here:

@Citric This is exactly what I did. Without success

Then it is recommended that you send the detailed question to our technical support mailbox again.

The version from 2021-09-23 starts without problems. The newer versions do not seem to work. Thanks to the Seeed support.