Expansion Board with ESP32C

I bought the SEEED STUDIO XIAO ESP32-C3 and the Expansion Board with the OLED and none of the examples are working. I have tested the baord and I can use with the XIAO SAMD21 module but the same examples modified for ESP32-C3 does not work. I need to know if this does not work so i could return the baord.

Hi brandon,
If you could post a sketch that you say doesn’t work, I can check it out. Which sketch are you trying to run?
Does the attached sketch work?
ESP32C3_XIAO_SSD1306_AdaDemo.zip (3.2 KB)

I experienced the same as you, and fixed the u8g2() arguments with D4 & D5 instead of PIN_WIRE_SDA & PIN_WIRE_SCL, respectively.