Excell spreadsheet for quad

Hello everyone,
I am looking for some help creating a spreadsheet for the DSO203 for a project I am stuck on.
In the below thread one user manipulated a 256 point spreadsheet to make a 4095 point spreadsheet which is compatible with the DSO203.
The manipulated 4095 point spreadsheet in the post is not available (to me), and I have been trying to manipulate my own 256 point spreadsheet. Please see attached for before and after.
I am going wrong somewhere along the line, but I dont know how to correct it. Can someone take a look and advise how I can make the spreadsheet work?
Many thanks,
fft4095.xls (1.24 MB)
fft256.xls (144 KB)

Attached is an example of the sort of thing I am trying to analyse.

Or it would be if CSV/BMP files were allowed. :frowning: