Exceeding Maximum Voltage

Hi, a quick question:

We often need to measure 100kHz signals of around 120V. Do you know if this votlage could damage the nano or will it just make the reading less acurrate?

We could always rig up a divide by ten probe, but I was wondering if we could get away without one!


A 10X probe is more complicated than just plugging one in, if I read the schematic right. It is not your standard 1Mohm input, like all full size scopes. The 10X probes work as 10X because of an assumption of a standard 1 Mohm input to the scope. The DSO Nano has some other impedance, that varies with what V/cm scale you’re using at the time.

If you are just trying to watch a fairly low impedance signal, you could make a voltage divider that is far far lower impedance than the input impedance of the Nano, and be fine. If you had a 1k and a 9k resistor, the input z of the probe would be 10K and the actual input z of the Nano would be irrelevant. So, if 10k is acceptable, that works. Good luck. Irv