Examples on ReSpeaker wiki page do not work

Regarding the wiki at ReSpeaker USB Mic Array | Seeed Studio Wiki, none of the python examples work. They all generate this error backtrace:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/m/usb_4_mic_array/tuning.py”, line 197, in
File “/home/m/usb_4_mic_array/tuning.py”, line 188, in main
print(’{}: {}’.format(name, dev.read(name)))
File “/home/m/usb_4_mic_array/tuning.py”, line 109, in read
response = struct.unpack(b’ii’, response.tostring())
AttributeError: ‘array.array’ object has no attribute ‘tostring’

Also, some of the examples use the print call as in:

print Mic_tuning.direction

I believe this needs to be:

print Mic_tuning.direction()

Any ideas?