Example of using LoRa-E5 Mini on the Helium network

This module is very capable, so I should be able to format LoRa packets to be able to use this device on the Helium network.

I am in the US, using 915 Mhz bandplan. I would have to use my Helium account information to pass data on the network.

Is there an example where someone has used this device on the Helium network, using the AT commands? Figuring out the radio configurations and working through setting up the packets is harder than I first thought, so an example would really move me forward very quickly.

Thank you very much for any help.


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I don’t have any experience yet with Helium network but should work pretty similar than with TTN (The Things Network/The Things Stack) on which I got E5 module join and communicate with it easily :wink:
Basically you create the device in your helium console either in ABP or OTAA mode and it should work fine so long you are covered by a Helium gateway or have one at your place :wink: